Elliot Seymour discusses fight with Mickey Rourke

I visited Elliot Seymour in Pasadena, California after being told by his friend, and some-time trainer, Jerry Rosenburg, that Elliot had been stiffed by Vadim Kornilov, a California based, Russian-born Boxing manager, whom arranged the circus of a fight between the decrepit Mickey Rourke and the homeless Elliot.

In full disclosure, I worked the corner with Elliot for a fight he took on a week notice in May of 2014, and I will say without any hype that Elliot is a tuff-brick head. He will never be a world-champ or a contender. He fights because it is his bread and butter; he is homeless. Fighting allows Elliot to come out of the rain, and take a shower in a motel of his choice. For a couple of nights he can forget the bleak existence that awaits his return in the homeless shelter.

In my interview with Elliot, he made it clear that Vadim Kornilov, the manager of former champion Ruslan Provodnikov, had failed to follow through on the payment of $10,000 USD. Elliot said the $10k was for him to “go down in the second round”, giving the fight to Mickey Rourke. It was painfully obvious to anyone that witnessed the circus act that the fix was in. Elliot spoke with TMZ after the fight and denied having been paid to throw the fight. Elliot has since decided to tell his story, as a way to exact revenge on Vadim Kornilov for holding back on his guaranteed pay. He wantS to have his story heard. The video footage will allow the public to decide the voracity Elliot’s tale in Moscow, Russia,


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