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Vadim Kornilov (Vadim), a Russian born – U.S raised boxing manager has worked himself into a tight corner with the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC), because of his alleged involvement with arraigning the joke of a match between the aged actor, El Marielito, Senor Mickey Rourke (6 Wins, 0 Losses, and 2 Draw), and the Homeless Slugger, Elliot Seymour (1 Win, 9 Losses). The unsanctioned match took place in Vadim’s hometown of Moscow, Russia, a place that is never short on heroes and enterprising thugs looking to carve out a slice of the pie.

I recently contacted the CSAC and peppered the offices of Andy Foster, the Executive Officer who rules the boxing commission with an iron fist, and as it is with the Russian Babushka nesting dolls, the story of Vadim has many layers that have yet to be revealed.

The CSAC response to my inquiry:

Good morning Mr. Perez,

The California State Athletic Commission received your email regarding Elliot Seymour’s bout against Mickey Rourke, and alleged actions by Vadim Kornilov.  In response to your questions, Mr. Kornilov’s Manager license is expired, therefore, he is not a licensee in this state.  There is no record of receiving any complaints/tips of illegal activity against Mr. Kornilov (until now), therefore the Commission has not conducted any investigations.  Mr. Kornilov has not applied to this Commission for a Matchmaker or Promoter license.  If Mr. Kornilov renews his Manager license, the Commission will conduct a thorough background check/investigation before issuing a license.  The accusations brought forward regarding Mr. Seymour’s actions will be investigated by this Commission to determine appropriate action, if any.


Thank you.


California State Athletic Commission


After my exchange with the CSAC I reviewed the roster of fighters that Vadim touts as having under management. In addition to the soon-to-be brain dead Ruslan Provodnikov (he fought on the 28th of November card along with Mickey and the Homeless Slugger), whom has had losses to named fighters like Chris Algieri (recently lost to Manny Pacquio in Macau), and Timothy Bradley, I notice what appears to be Central Castings version of Survivor, The Russian Boxing edition. The fighters hail from cities in Russia that usually contain more consonants than vowels, far off places like, Vsevolzhsk, Kolchugino, and Chekhov. The names of these fighters are as complex as the cities they represent. All are looking for simpler places like Hollywood, New York, or Miami to call.

Any boxing commission that Vadim applies to would be faced with an investigation that would have to call into question any fighter that he has managed, or any promoters that a fighter of his may be signed with. Of all the fighters under Vadim’s management, Provodnikov has the biggest name recognition and commands the most money, but with the CSAC awaiting Vadim’s license request, it is unclear if Provodnikov will ever see a squared ring in the United States, or any other country that values their reputation. has reached out to Vadim’s office and as of now, there doesn’t appear to be a care to clear up his reputation and save the Russian empire that he has built, or bought.

Riley Perez


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